Are You Ready for Some Football?

Pretty soon a familiar bearded face will be gracing the airwaves asking sports fans the world over a very familiar question.  I am sure that they, like me, will be answering Hank with an excited and enthusiastic yes!

Ladies, get whatever projects you need done out of the way now, because our (by ‘our’ I refer to men everywhere) time is soon to become very valuable to us.  The football gods have seen fit to ensure that we can watch football almost every day of the week.

There are of course Sunday games from the moment we wake up until well after sundown.  Then there is Monday Night Football.  Although the commentators are not the best football is football; when the game isn’t so good you can always make fun of them.

Tuesday is a day of rest with no football schedule typically.  That is unless you have the NFL Network; then you can watch replays of the best action from Sunday.

College is kind enough to forgo the importance of an education and satisfy our thirst for gridiron heroics on Thursday and Saturday.  During certain weeks they are kind enough to play games on Wednesdays and Fridays as well (network television sucks anyway).

Great Tickets To All NFL Games

Fans will be privy to a little more football as the college and NFL seasons get started.  Starting this fall, the United Football League will adorn the cable airwaves with another gridiron contest.  The league will start with four teams ready to call Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, and New York home, but will also play games in Hartford, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

Little is known about the talent pool just yet (ex- Buffalo QB J.P. Losman signed with the Las Vegas team), but the teams have signed some A+ talent for head coach.  Former Giant head coach, Jim Fassel will head up the Las Vegas franchise; former NFL Coach of the Year (with the Saints) will lead the Orlando team; Ted Cottrel, a defensive guru in the NFL, will coach the New York team; and Dennis “They are who we thought they were” Green most recently of the Arizona Cardinals looks to helm the San Francisco franchise.

As a lover of the game (and owner of a TIVO) I will watch them play (on the Versus channel, Thursday and/or Friday night).   I have to wonder though about the business logic used behind the formation of this league.  Many have tried, but none have succeeded in producing quality football outside of the NFL.  The World Football League did not last long in the mid-70s.  After the NFL took the big name talent from the United States Football League (1983-1985) that one folded.  With all his money, Jim McMahon was not able to keep the XFL going more than a season; wrestling style productions did not work although I am sure Tommy Maddox appreciated all the attention paid to his pregnant wife when he was playing.  NFL Europe took two stabs at it and had to close the doors both times.  The popular Arena Football League finally shut down operations this year as well.

The bottom line is that unless it is a quality product the fans will not watch.  I loved the Arena League, but unless guys were catching passes and scoring touchdowns, the game was a drag.

Hopefully these guys do know something; I hate to watch bad football; then again they are playing there championship Thanksgiving weekend when just a few teams might already garner national attention).  Being from Texas, where football is king, I am required by unofficial state constitutional edict to watch any and all football.  So for the sake of fans like me out there I sure hope you guys know what you are doing.

Beer: With a nod to the Fall, the beer I want to spotlight is one made just during that time of year- Sam Adam’s Octoberfest.  With its blend of five roasts of barley and German Noble hops this beer is heartier then your typical summer brews with a delicious sweet, flavor.

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