This Week in the NFL: Week Seven

Every season always has a few surprises.  If I had any inclination six weeks ago that the Titans would be the new doormat of the league, the Bengals would be tied for first in their division with the Steelers, and that the Broncos would finally figure out how to play defense I would have put a little money on it and made a fortune.  That is part of the greatness of the game.  Any team can win on any given Sunday and you never know who the next contender/ pretender is going to be.

Week Seven is chock full of less than entertaining match ups.  Is there any doubt how the Colts will do against the Rams?  If Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers have any trouble with Cleveland next week I will be absolutely shocked.  The Eagles could make their game against the Redskins interesting by letting Vick start (because he sucks as a QB) otherwise that one will be a nice game of pitch and catch for McNabb and crew.

While there is no game I would call a must see there are some intriguing match-ups:

Minnesota at Pittsburgh:  Big Ben has become a pass throwing machine for the Steelers.  The fact that they don’t have much of a running game anymore does not really matter.  The defending champs will have a tough time stopping Favre and the Vikings.  Even though the Steeler defense is solid they have been picked apart in the last few weeks in the air and on the ground.  They have yet to see someone the caliber of Favre or Peterson either.

I look for this one to be high scoring with the Vikings pulling out the win 31-20.

Chicago at Cincinnati:  There is no way in hell I thought prior to the season that this match up could be considered a good one.  However, Cutler has learned to get the most out of the limited weapons he has in Chicago.  With Urlacher out for the season the vaunted Chicago defense is not as impenetrable as years past, but it is still nothing to sneeze at.  Palmer has yet to light it up since he returned to the playing field this season, but a combination of tough defense and efficient play has the Bengals sitting pretty and tied for first after six weeks.  The change of scenery has done wonders for Cedric Benson who led the league in rushing through the first five weeks.

This will not be a pretty game, but one that is hard fought and down to the wire.  Eventually Cutler will make magic happen and the Bears will win 24-20.

Atlanta at Dallas: This one is tough.  Matt Ryan came out of nowhere last season and did a tremendous job.  Now he has a proven weapon in Tony Gonzalez to complement Roddy White whenever they do not give the ball to Michael “the Burner” Turner.  Even though Turner has not burned much his chances of ding so against Dallas are pretty good.  Dallas on the other hand is the most polite team in the league.  What other club has a quarterback that will keep his team in the game as well as the opposition?  If he isn’t screwing it up then the secondary will be busy trying to hip-check everyone instead of tackling them.  However, if Dallas plays up to their abilities Romo will throw for 300+ while throwing 2 interceptions, but that will not matter since the Dallas defensive front four will shut down Turner and pressure Ryan all day.

Look for Romo and the wimpy Dallas secondary to keep everyone in the game, but this will end in favor of the Boys, 34-24.

Franconia Oktoberest vs. Real Ale Oktoberfest:  Both are crated in the great state of Texas so that gives them both a leg up on the competition there (I might be a little biased being a Texas native myself).  Franconia is proud to be brewed by a third generation German ex-pat.  There Oktoberfest is light, sweet, and as easy on the nose as it is the palette.  Real Ale Oktoberfest is a relative newcomer to the block, yet it still hits all the traditional Oktoberfest high notes.  Malty, but not too sweet, this beer will go down easy again and again and again and again (get the picture).

I have a lot of respect for the veteran, Franconia, but this contest is no contest at all.  When in doubt drink Real Ale Oktoberfest, hands down.

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