It’s October and I’m Talking Baseball

That means the postseason action is in full swing.  The ALCS/NLCS (best of seven) action is underway across the nation.  Sunday night the Phillies returned home looking to break their 1 to 1 tie with the Dodgers, and the Yankees and Angels took the day to travel out west.  The Yankees will look to continue their winning ways since they currently hold a 2-0 advantage over the hapless Angels in their best of 7 series.

It’s no surprise that the Yankees took both games at home.  Over the course of the season they were fairly dominant in their new park winning 57 while only losing 24.  As road teams go, the Angels were no schmucks; they won one less game on the road (48) than they did at home (49).

yankeesLet’s face facts here folks.  It is pretty damn hard to beat the most successful playoff team in baseball history when they are hot.  After a fairly easy sweep of the tired Twins along with a two game lead on the Angels I think it is safe to say the Yanks got it going on.   If you want more of an analysis let me give you a few playoff stats:

  • Batting Average: Yankees- .288; Angels- .154
  • ERA: Yankees- 1.59; Angels- 2.28
  • Fielding: Yankees- .986; Angels- .970

I’ll take the Yankees in 5.

The Phillies and Dodgers will definitely be more competitive.  Statistically they match up fairly well.  Their regular season batting averages were only twelve points apart.  Dodger pitching earned the best ERA during the regular season in the Majors with the Phillies ranking eighth.  When it comes to October it does not matter how you did all year, but how you are doing now.  The pitching staff has been decisively better for the Dodgers who have posted a 3.0 ERA this postseason relative to the 3.4 ERA of the Phillies.  The bats have been connecting a little more for the Dodgers (.282) than the Phillies (.265).  Even though the Phillies have been doing pretty good defensively earning a postseason fielding percentage of .982 the Dodgers have been perfect (1.0).

As evenly matched as these two clubs are it will come down to who can handle the pressure f the postseason the best.  Lose a game and you could lose your chance to reach the Holy Grail that every baseball player dreams of in the World Series.  The Phillies are no stranger to the postseason having won the World Series last year.  However, the Dodgers have one of the best postseason managers in the game with Joe Torre.  Torre would like nothing better than to return to the World Series against his old team.

This will be a competitive series, but I see the Dodgers taking it in six.

Now that it is October, I feel I have to finish my last Rally Cap Ale and turn to the Oktoberfest stuff.  A quality one that can be a little difficult to find is Oaktoberfest from the people at Live Oak Brewing in Austin, TX.  The German malt and hops give this brew a real Bavarian character with a real malty flavor.   This beer is surprisingly smooth for an Oktoberfest beer with a little hint of caramel sweetness.   If you happen to travel through Austin on business between the months of September and December order up some barbecue and enjoy this full flavored beer.

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