NBA Season Opener

The marathon season that is the National Basketball Association began with four games played on Tuesday, October 27.  Eighty-one games later the second season, otherwise known as the playoffs will be ushered in where the boys will be weeded out from the men.  However, for at least one day every team is equal ad has just as much of a chance as the next guy (at least that’s what coach want them to believe).

The only nationally televised game will highlight one of the more intriguing offseason moves of the past year.  Lebron James has been in need of another star in order to take the Cavaliers to the next level.  The question is does, Shaq Daddy (I mean Shaq Diesel, no, I mean the Big Aristotle; or is it Superman) have enough gas in his often injured tank to be that star.  They will get tested right out of the gate with the 2007-08 champion Boston Celtics.

The key will be in how well that Shaq and Lebron can gel on the court.  Preseason is not a good indicator of how well they may or may not work.  Whether or not it is a match made in Hoop Heaven we will only be able to really see for the first time on Tuesday night.  Even if they do the triple threat in Boston of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen will not just lay down for the heir apparent.  The proud trio has been around the block a few times themselves.  They proved two years ago how dominant they can be when they are all three on the court.  Last season they were not quite as lucky with Garnett only playing in 57 games.

If you are wondering why the NBA is still one of the best shows on television watch this game.  Regardless of chemistry look for Lebron to put on a show, Shaq to dazzle with a few power dunks, and the triple threat in Boston to put on a show in this game.   Personally I hope Shaq is Lebron’s missing link and the Cavaliers win a close one.

In other action: two high scoring teams will tip off with the Wizards of Washington looking to down Mark Cuban and his Dallas Mavericks.  Houston will see just how life is without a 7 foot Asian man on the court.  The Lakers will begin the season with a big win against the hapless cross-town Clippers.

Whichever game you happen to watch try enjoying a Sweetwater Festive Ale from the people at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, GA (they have the coolest phone number- (404)691-ALES).  Brewed only one day during the year, there is only a limited amount of this beer available during the winter months.  Cinnamon and mace are the finishing touch on this beer that help make the taste as smooth and unique as it is.  When you finish one you’ll like it so much you’ll want another.  Be careful though!  The easy drinkability of this beer masks a powerful 8.6% ABV!

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