This Week in the NFL: October 25, 2009

This Week in the NFL: the Almost Half-way Point

I love football.  I’m not the bragging sort, but I know my stuff when it comes to this game too.  Now I know that my track record in calling games has been less than stellar so far, but when you only cover a few games there is not much room for error.  So far, this season has proven that on any given Sunday any team can win (except maybe St. Louis, those guys are really bad).

In order to get my win percentage up I’m going to rate each game and split them up into categories according to the potential entertainment value.

Domestics (you can live with them if it’s all there is):

  • San Francisco at Indianapolis: The 49ers have shown signs of life under Singletary but they are no match for the Colts and Peyton Manning.  Look for another Indianapolis blowout, 35-14.
  • St.Louis at Detroit: If there was a category for near beer this game would go there.  Detroit has promise, but they still have so far to go.  I feel sorry for running back Steven Jackson; his team is just bad.  Look for Detroit to dominate a very dull, low scoring game, 17-7.
  • Houston at Buffalo: I like this game because my Texans will look good plus they are going to make TO look even worse than he has been all season.  Houston will blow these guys out of the water easily, 49-7.

Foreign (pretty good stuff)

  • New York (Giants) at Philadelphia: The Giants will look to reestablish their dominance in the NFC East with this one.  I think the Eagles play better with Kolb (who will not see the field); I hate that they gave Michael Vick a job.  The Giants will dominate this one, 35-13 or 35-28 if the good Eagles show up.
  • Miami at the New York Jets: Mark Sanchez is starting to feel some NFL growing pains, but Rex Ryan knows how to keep a team competitive.  The two headed Williams Monster led by Chad Henne in Miami are becoming a force to be reckoned with.  This will be a game won by the coaches.  I like Rex Ryan and the Jets, 17-13.
  • Seattle at Dallas: Seattle is not that good, but Dallas has a knack for keeping their opposition in the game.  I would like to say that Dallas will blow the Seahawks out, but it depends on how many mistakes Tony Romo makes.  In spite of Romo, I see Dallas pulling this one out, 35-17.

Craft Beers (so damn good you can’t live without them)

  • Denver at Baltimore: This one should be exciting! Denver was not supposed to have a top defense; Baltimore was not supposed to have a top offense.  Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball making this the contest to watch.  I give the edge to the Ravens and the talented Flacco, but this one while go down to the wire, 24-17.
  • Atlanta at New Orleans: The Saints have finally learned how to play defense!  Drew Brees has the offense working better than a well-oiled machine.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons are one of the more complete teams the Saints will have played to date.  They can run, they can pass, and they play pretty decent defense too.  This one will come down to the wire with the prolific Saint’s offense outscoring the Falcons, 35-31.
  • Minnesota at Green Bay: The big question here will be what sort of response will Brett get upon returning to the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field- will he get booed, applauded, or a combination of both?  Green Bay will need to play with some of the emotion the crowd will have in order to make up for the beating the got a few weeks ago in Minneapolis.  samuel-smiths-winter-welcomeThis will undoubtedly be the game to watch all weekend.  Look for Green Bay to pull out the upset of the season with a drive late in the fourth quarter to pull out the victory, 31-28.

Maybe now I’ll be right more often than I’m wrong.  Either way I will be enjoying a rather pleasant feeling that will come from drinking a few Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome ales.  English Pale Malt is the backbone of this ale from the people at the Samuel Smith Old Brewery in jolly old England.  With a rather nutty, malty aroma this beer is like candy for your mouth.  After you finish the first you will not be able to open the next one fast enough.  Be careful though- too many of these and you might become more generous at Christmas time then you would like to be (6% ABV)!

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