This Week in the NBA: November 2

The team I want to watch this week is the high-flying, through-the-roof-scoring, their cheerleaders are smoking Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix has been known for a fast paced, score more than the next guy style of play for some years now.  So far this young season they have yet to disappoint putting up 109 on the Clippers opening night, 123 on the Wizards two days later, and another 120 on the T-wolves Sunday night.  These guys are exciting to watch for even the fair weather fan that knows enough to follow the game, but does not watch many games throughout the season.

These guys will have their high-flying ways put to the test this week.  First up is the Heat from Miami.  So far the Heat is averaging over 100 points a game while holding their opponents to around 88.  That game is immediately followed with a short trip over to Orlando to play the Magic.  These guys are also known for their ability to score and have already clocked in two games of 120 points or more.  That Superman (Dwight Howard) guy is pretty tough to beat too.

After a day of rest and travel the Suns face off against the 2007-08 champion Boston Celtics.  Garnett and company are not spring chickens anymore, but these guys are still pretty formidable.  They have yet to let an opponent score more than 90 and held the Charlotte Bobcats to an incredibly low 59 for one game.

They end the week with another high scoring team in the Washington Wizards.  The Wizards have had impress 100+point wins against tough teams so far this season (Dallas and New Jersey) and would love to ruin this trip by for the Suns by handing them a loss.

The hardest part about this four game spread is that they are all on the road.  Playing at home with 17000+ fans almost on top of you, yelling and cheering at the top of their lungs in support of you can be pretty uplifting.  So when you are away and they are doing all that against you it can make things difficult too.  It showed in the Suns road record last year, 18-23.

Boston and Orlando are very hard to beat at home; both teams lost fewer than 10 games at home last season.  At this point in the season both rosters are healthy which will make the job of pulling out a win tough for the Suns.  Their best chances for victory will lie in Miami and Washington.

Look for the games against Boston and Orlando to be great, down to the wire contests that see the Suns come out on the wrong end of the scoreboard.  Also look for the Suns to open the week with a win in Miami and end it with one in Washington.

When they get to Philadelphia following their game against the Wizards they may feel like taking the edge off a little.  They should consider trying one of Philly’s finest from the brewery named for the city (Philadelphia Brewing Company) called the Phila-buster.  One of their select beers, this spicy, malty styled beer hides a 9% ABV that will surely take the edge off a rough road trip that is not getting any easier.

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