As One Star Rises so Must another fall

Vince Young won his second game of the year on Sunday.  It just so happen to be the second one for the Titans all year as well.  Larry Johnson, former two-time Pro Bowler and first round pick back in 2003, was cut from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both had some tremendous years before injuries and poor play derailed their careers.  I t must be hard being a star one minute and having the rug pulled out from under you the next.  To go from everyone loving you to no one even knowing your name would screw with anyone’s mind.

It is times like what these players have endured that the real value of sports is realized.  The game is not just about growing the better athletes and having the most points when time runs out.  Sports are meant to teach responsibility; everyone has a job to do on the field in order for the team to succeed.  Sports teach accountability; if you slack of or do not give your best, you will hurt your teammates and make it harder for them to reach their potential.  Sports teach players how to be resilient; no matter what happens, no matter what knocks you done, you have to keep plugging away in order to succeed.  Sports also teach players to be as gracious in defeat as they are in victory.

Vince Young is getting his second chance and looking pretty damn good in the process.  The fact that he is still around has undoubtedly endeared him to his teammates even more.  Larry Johnson decided to bad mouth his coach publicly and in a very derogatory way.  As a result, he got his loud mouth cut, and deservedly so.  Good riddance.

Congratulations on your return Vince.  I look forward to watching your star rise for many more years.

Larry, don’t let the door hit you in your foul-mouthed behind as you leave.  Your star has burnt out.

Maybe Vince can invite Larry over so he can talk some sense into him.  Perhaps while se two dogs chat about humility and the commitment to team which is necessary to be a good football player they can share a few Dos Perros Ales.  Made right there in the Titan hometown of Nashville at the Yazoo Brewery, this Mexican style beer bears some resemblance to Austrian beer (probably due to the Austrian occupation of Mexico in the late 19th century).  Made from German Munich malt, English Pale malt, and Chocolate malt this beer is sweetened up with the addition of maize flakes in the brewing process.  At 3.5% ABV Larry will have to drink quite a few in order to be intoxicated when he leaves Vince’s house.

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