Those Poor, Poor Nets

Any self respecting basketball fan cannot help but feel at least a smidgen of sympathy for the New Jersey Nets.

It is bad enough that they have yet to win a game this season, starting the season at a dismal 0-10, but when you consider the way they have lost it becomes downright depressing.  The team’s best offensive output has been a 104 points; an effort which came on a night when they allowed 123.  Three times they have managed to crack 90, but they also scored a low of 68. Averaging just over 84 points will not get you very far.  The only team that averages fewer is Charlotte which happens to be who the Nets only managed 68 against in a losing effort.

There defense does give them a glimmer of hope for the future.  In many of their lowest scoring games they held the opposition to a fairly low score too- just not low enough.  Of the thirty NBA teams they average fewer points allowed than 19 of them!  Needless to say they are all teams with better records.

Luck may be with the Nets this week however.  Chances are solid that they will come away with their first win of the season by week’s end.  Only one of their three opponents has been playing tougher defense so far this season, the Bucks, whom they play in Milwaukee on Wednesday. Milwaukee has also yet to lose at home. They start the week with the Pacers at home, a team that has only played two road games in this young season so far (splitting them). However, Indiana has been a scoring machine of late, averaging over 100 points a game making the likely hood of this being the game a little tough.

On Saturday they face the Knicks at home.  New York is scoring over 100 a game, but they are also allowing over a 110 a game.  The Knicks are also off to a rather poor start at 1-9.  Their highest scoring outputs have been against teams that average nearly 100 allowed a game or more (93 against Minnesota who is allowing an average of 104/game; 104 against Washington who is allowing an average of 99/ game; and 94 against both Denver and Philadelphia who allow 100 and 102 respectively).

The Nets have had some close games of late, losing to both Miami and Philadelphia by a single basket (2 and 3 points).  If ever a team was due, these guys are. The first is always the hardest to come by no matter what you do, but the Nets should finally break into the win column this Saturday at home against the only team more hapless than them, the New York Knicks.

Afterwards the Nets and their fans may feel like enjoying a nut or two- that is a Nut Brown Ale from the boys at the Climax Brewing Company in Roselle Park, NJ. By bringing together the grains used to make stout and pale ale to create this brew the guys at the Climax Brewery have come up with a well-balanced beer that taste of chocolate and molasses with a pleasing finish hinting towards caramel and coffee flavors.  At 5.2%ABV the team may not want to drink too many since they have to take on the Celtics Sunday.

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