USA Rugby to Qualify

USA Rugby Tries to Qualify for the 2011 Rugby World Cup- Again

July 4th was a wonderful day for fans of the Eagles, the U.S. National Rugby team.  After a grueling and strategically played 80 minute match the team was one step closer to earning a berth in the 2011 Rugby World Cup with a 12-6 victory over the visiting Canadians.

Those hopes were soon to be dashed as the U.S. played a forgettable game (one which I am sure many of them would like to forget) the following week in Canada. The score was a whole lot for Canada and not nearly close to enough for the U.S. putting the Eagles back to square one in qualifying for the World Cup.

Their second chance began last weekend against the team from Uruguay.  Once again the Eagles put themselves in the driver’s seat with a 27-22 victory in Montevideo.  The second and deciding game will be this coming Saturday, the 21st of November at 2pm in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Uruguay team was encouraged by their ability to close the gap to just 5 points during the second half of play.  In the last fifteen minutes of play the Uruguay team powered down the field to make three penalty kicks and convert a try to close the U.S. lead to only 5.  In the end they did ot have enough gas to pull a victory out.

When qualifying if the teams split the two games played (one on each home field) then it goes to points.  So if the Uruguay team wins by more than 5 they will be in and it will be strike two for the U.S. team once again.

For those fans that would like to watch the match, but are unable to make it to Florida this weekend you can watch all the action online at:

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