NFL Playoffs: In case you needed a reason to go buy some beer

This weekend ushers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Last weekend, the wildcard round was full of some intense competition and some early exits for some top competitors. As the losers lick their wounds and drown their sorrows the winners look forward to moving on to the next round.

To enjoy these games I think I might enjoy a some Cowboy beer- take one can of frozen lemonade, mix with two cans of beer (might as well go domestic here), drink when slushy. Chug it and see what a drunken brain freeze is like!

Arizona at New Orleans, Saturday, 4:30 on FOX:
If this game is anything but an aerial touchdown fest it will be a disappointment. Both clubs have pretty good defense, but neither will be able to stop the other’s offensive juger naught. The trick will be whether Drew Brees can find his rhythm, ad whether the Saints can knock the ageless wonder, Kurt Warner, out of his. It would not be surprising if this game is decided by whoever has the ball last.

Look for the Saints to be drowning their sorrows on Bourbon Street next week.

Baltimore at Indianapolis, Saturday, 8:15 on CBS:
This could either be the upset of the weekend or the least entertaining game of the weekend. Indianapolis played down to the competition earlier this season and won with one of the many fourth quarter comebacks they had this season. If the Ravens allow the Colts to get started then there will be no stopping Manning and company, and this game will be need more than a few beers to be entertaining.

The Colts will not let this opportunity slip by.

Dallas at Minnesota, Sunday, 1:00 on FOX:
Romo vs. Favre is the kind of matchups that network executives love; a definite ratings magnet. Romo appears to have banished the December and playoff demons and looks poised to make a solid run at the Super Bowl. The Doomsday Defense is back in Big D and will need to harass Favre and Viking running back Adrian Peterson all day long. If Dallas comes out flat though, a future Hall of Famer like Favre will have a field day with the talent he has on the Viking offense.

Look for Favre to be having another press conference next week about retiring (once his season is over).

New York at San Diego, Sunday, 4:40 on CBS:
The Jets have definitely surprised many, including their coach by making their improbable run into the playoffs. What was even more surprising was the performance by Jet rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez against a tough Bengal defense last week. The Jets will undoubtedly look to win with their running game first, but they’ll have to get Phillip Rivers and company off the field first. Rivers has kept the offensive machine going strong in San Diego and will not be an easy one to stop. If the time of possession is not heavily in favor of the Jets than New York will be seeing their season end in San Diego.

This time when Rex Ryan thinks the season is over it really will be; they don’t stand a chance against the Chargers.

Next week I’ll use beer to figure out who the eventual Super Bowl champion will be this year.

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