The Saints, the Colts, and You on Super Sunday

It is rare that a Super Bowl is between the two best teams in the league. Anyone that tries to argue with the New Orléans Saints and Indianapolis Colts being called the best must be a biased fan of one of teams not playing in Miami in a few days. The records and the way these guys have won do not lie; they are the number one teams in their conferences for a reason.

Trying to figure out which one has the upper hand is probably something only the man upstairs can really do (not that I will not try). New Orleans averaged about 40 more yards on offense during the regular season than the Colts; however, the Colts passed for 10 more yards than the Saints. A further look at the stats would make it seem that the Saints would have the upper hand. New Orleans had a pretty decent running game averaging close to 50 yards a game more than the Colts, who had the worst rushing game in the NFL. Drew Brees’s Saints outscored the Colts by about 5 points a game as well.

Defensively, the statistical edge would have to go to the Colts. Their much improved defensive unit held opponents to 2 points a game fewer that the Saints and held them to about 18 fewer yards too. With both teams essentially living and dying by the pass, their ability to defend it will be paramount.

Lucky for the Colts, the Saints were not very strong against the pass this year. On the season, their defensive unit ranked 26th (the Colts were 14th). What could save the Saints may be the inability of the Colts to stop the run; the 24th ranked unit gave up an average of 127 yards a season. With three powerful runners in Mike Bell, Pierre Thomas, and Reggie Bush the Saints will be more than happy to test the Colts’ run stoppers.

Instead of looking to the stats, the game film, and the players to pick a winner I feel it only proper to choose in a way that is in line with a Bier Magazine sports writer. For a game like the Super Bowl the players who are pivotal to every single play that their respective offenses run should decide the winner- the centers.

Representing the Colts will be a beer from where Jeff Saturday went to college (North Carolina), Battlefield Bock from the Red Oak Brewery in Whitsett, North Carolina. For the Saints it will be a beer that may have found a place next to center Jonathan Goodwin when he was playing at Michigan, Dark Horse 3 Guys Running from the Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, Michigan.

Dark Horse gets the Saints off to a quick start by scoring a quick 14 points due to their powerful alcohol content, 12.5% ABV. Never one to cow under to any opponent, the Colts show some fight by chipping into the Saints lead going into the second quarter with two field goals thanks to the 6.8% ABV in Battlefield Bock. The slow, cold aging process that is used to make Battlefield Bock describes the Colts offense in the second quarter; they move the ball well, but two interceptions keep points off the board. Dark Horse ferments for six months leaving the Saints with little offense in the second quarter, but thanks to the 140 pounds of peaches thrown in during fermentation and the two interceptions they are able to stretch their lead to 27-6 by the end of the half.

The Bavarian Dark Roasted Malts and Czech Saaz Hops give Battlefield Bock a rather tasty, full-bodied feel which helps get the Colts back in the game with two solid touchdown drives to open the second half, closing the lead to 20-27, Saints. Both beers have a nice, smooth, creamy feel which helps bring the third quarter to a close with the score still 20-27, Saints.

The name of the game for Peyton Manning and the Colts this year was the fourth quarter comeback. A Joseph Addai fumble leads to a quick score for the Saints as the sweet smell of Dark Horse beats out the coffee like one of Battlefield. In the end it is the bourbon like flavor and smell that ends the day for Dark Horse and the Saints. When drinking beer you want to think that you are drinking beer; after getting a little drunk off of a few Dark Horse 3 Guys Running you may not know that still. Battlefield Bock is a nice, full bodied lager that is all that a beer should be.
That, in combination with the fact that Dark Horse 3 Guys Running is only available at the brewery, gives Peyton Manning and company the opening they need to make a dramatic comeback to win Super Bowl XLIV by a score of 37-34.

There you have it sports fans. Picking winners can be tough, but when in doubt, do what I do-don’t think, just drink.

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