Super Beers for Super Sunday

There are few days that our wives and girlfriends will not keep us from acting like total gluttonous pigs; our birthdays are one, any day that we get fired from a job, and Super Bowl Sunday. With the third of those three coming up I feel it is my duty to suggest a few beers to help make your Super Sunday one to remember that you may forget!

Of all the beers to choose from, my research staff (me and a couple buddies) decided that in honor of the game’s location we should only drink brews from Florida. The following are the ones we remembered enjoying the most.

My buddy Shane insisted that I include a beer from the Orlando Brewing due to the name alone, Pompous Ass. While the name made us chuckle, the beer made us good and drunk. At 6.2% ABV this IPA has a pretty decent kick to it, but not one that will have you passed out before the first half. Its medium body will leave room for plenty of wings and chicken fingers. The citrus-like aroma will be pleasing to your nose as will be the subtle malt character. It’s easy drinkability made this beer so easy to drink our research was over for the day after a few too many of these.

Our smaller buddy, Jason, use to love to talk about his prowess on the rugby field and when he got drunk about another ‘field.’ In his honor we found it only proper that his pick be Locomotive Breath, a porter from the Lagniappe Brewing Company in Mineola, Florida. It’s 7% ABV gives it some punch to go along with its easy drinkability. The variety of malts used to make this beer help give it a nice nuttiness which acts as a good contrast to the bitterness common in a porter.

I decided to go with a beer that had a vague innuendo in the name, would hardly keep me from being able to remember the end of the game, and would be pleasant to drink. The good people at the Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, Florida where kind enough to make Beach Tale Brown Ale, an English Brown Ale that is quite enjoyable. Made from nine malts and five different hops, this beer has a complex, refreshing flavor that is easy to drink. Full-bodied and with a vague malty aroma this beer has the just right amount of sweetness with a little bit of bitterness at the end to give a rather distinctive taste. At 5.2% ABV I don’t think I’ll have any trouble remembering the end of the game.

Heck, if I’m not drunk by the end I’ll just take some of Jason and Shane’s beers when the game is done.

Whatever you drink sports fans be responsible and do not drive afterwards. Designate a schmuck to drive for you so that way you can do what I do- no thinky, more drinky.

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