Big Ben Must Go

It is a messed up world when we no longer care about what a person does just because he can throw a football better than most people can walk and chew gum at the same time. Being a great anything should not be a free ticket to do whatever you feel like, but these days it seems like it is.

Big Ben got lucky this past week when the girl he has been accused of sexually assaulting refused to press charges. The DA said there was not enough evidence to be able to charge him either. What most people do not seem to be seeing is that he did not say that the evidence exonerated the Steeler quarterback, just that there was not enough to charge him. Now there are reports coming out in the press that paint a rather vivid picture of a celebrity abusing his notoriety and being assisted by his friends/ bodyguards in the commission of a reprehensible crime.

If it had been just one accusation than an argument could be made that this has simply been an isolated incident; it is not. There is still litigation pending concerning further accusations of a sexual nature committed against a Nevada woman. This shows a pattern of behavior forming. When that is the case, especially considering the way that he and his friends/ bodyguards set the supposed act up in the Georgia nightclub, he has done this before; likely many times. Sure enough reports of a potential third and fourth accuser are beginning to surface.

Sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes in the country. Sadly, the victim gets dragged through the mud and is forced to relive the event over and over again if there is even going to be the slightest hope of a conviction. Tack on the notoriety and fame that goes with being a professional athlete (and Super Bowl winning quarterback) and the victim might find end up getting convicted out of spite.

Professional sports franchises need to get their priorities straight. I know that they are a business first and must do what they need to in order to make a profit (like any business should). However, when a player has not been convicted of a crime the team has no definitive reason to sit them even though it may be the morally right thing to do.

What these guys fail to see is that while we keep watching and spending outrageous amounts of money on tickets and merchandise it is more because they are the only game in town. When a team or player rises up that is not a scumbag, franchises like the Steelers that have a guy like Roethlisberger as a leader will find themselves suddenly devoid of fans as they leave the Steelers for greener pastures.

Beer: San Miguel Cerveza Negra from the San Miguel Corporation in Manila, Philippines- I plan on rooting for whatever team that Tim Tebow plays for next season. The kid has proven that while his mechanics are not the best, he is still a talented individual that knows how to win, wants to get better, and is a quality person to boot. Most people are probably not aware that the former Florida standout was born in the Philippines.

While they did turn out one heck of a quarterback, the Philippines is not ever going to be known for their beer. Cerveza Negra is a decent Euro dark lager with sort of a chocolate, caramel taste to it. The malt gives it a nice smoothness making it easy to drink. At 5% ABV it will take a few to get you really tipsy, which might make it easier to enjoy the game (until the 4th quarter when you can’t stay out of the bathroom).

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  1. Rebecca

    Hey, great entry. I didn’t quite mean to come here because I’m not much of a sports fan, but I really appreciated what you had to say about this issue–sports figures and other celebrities really do seem to get away with so much. I saw actually read another blog today that dismissed it saying “Ben just showed some bad judgment off the field” and I was thinking “some bad judgment?!?!?!” It was nuts.

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