This Year’s Mr. Irrelevant is…

…One heck of a guy. Instead of taking advantage of four years in college to display his talents to the NFL, this year’s Mr. Irrelevant spent two years on a mission in West Africa. Apparently Tim Tebow is not the only player with character in this year’s draft!

August Miller/Deseret News

With the final pick of the draft, the Detroit Lions reverted back to the Matt Millen days and chose a wide receiver, Tim Toone of Weber State. Maybe since they waited to the end of the draft to take this one, he’ll actually work out (in case you were not aware, the genius that was Matt Millen took three wide receivers with the team’s first round pick when he was GM- they all failed miserably).

If this guy is to succeed it will likely be because he has a tremendous work ethic (you’d have to in order to survive a mission in West Africa). In his short time at Weber State he managed to make quite a case for a future in the NFL. In 2008, he pulled in 84 passes for over 1500 yards and seven touchdowns. Last year as a senior he pulled in another 83 for 1109 yards and 10 more touchdowns. Since joining the team in 2006, young Toone accounted for 206 catches and 29 touchdowns.

Detroit will likely use Toone as a punt returner to start the season (assuming Mr. Irrelevant makes the roster). As a senior he returned 19 punts for a shade under 20 yards a return to go with 2 touchdowns.

In case you don’t know, Mr. Irrelevant is the last player chosen in the NFL draft. The winner of the dubious honor gets a trophy of a guy fumbling the ball as well as a weekend in his honor in Newport Beach, California with lots of golf, a regatta, and a roast in his honor.

Enjoy your weekend Tim and good luck this season (in Detroit, you’re going to need it).

Beer: Jamaican Style Lager from the Zion Brewing Company in Springdale, Utah- how better to celebrate Mr. Irrelevant than with a beer from the state he went to college in? Jamaican Style Lager from Zion Brewing is a rather tasty concoction. A nice, light beer with no real aftertaste, you’ll catch hints of caramel and honey as this beer rolls down your throat. However, do not look to get too tipsy off of this one; it’s only 4%ABV. Then again, in a state full of people that do not drink what can you expect?

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