Eminem Says Big Ben is Despicable (in song)

You know you have screwed up when Eminem makes fun of you:

“I’d rather turn this club into a barroom brawl/Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.” (Yahoo)

(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

As part of his punishment for acting less than reputable in public, Big Ben will have to receive a comprehensive behavioral evaluation to go along with his six-game suspension.

Most of the time you hear about guys going for intense physical tests or something drug or alcohol related, but for this guy it is pretty much mental. Now it is time to see what makes this guy tick.

Big Ben has made it obvious that he thinks he walks on water with the way that he acts. First, the girl in Las Vegas; than the one in Georgia; now there are rumors of possibly more (though none have yet to pan out). Take a look at his ascension to the NFL and you can see why. The guy has always been the big fish in a small pond, first in high school and in college as well.

What I would not give to be a fly on the wall for his evaluation. To get to the heart of what made him what he is would be fascinating. To hear him defend his lofty view of himself would be absolutely hilarious. To hear him justify the way he treats women would be absolutely revolting.

From what I have read, Big Ben has to go under evaluation, but I have seen nothing about what the NFL may do if they hear something they don’t like. What if it turns out this guy is a sociopath and has likely made many more than the two women the world knows about his victims? Sexual assaulters are not one time criminals; they are habitual. If it turns out he has all the mental attributes or even some of them, what is the NFL going to do?

That is a hard question to answer. The lawsuit that would unfurl is it was ever discovered that the NFL was aware of his potential for violence against women and did nothing about it would be enormous. However, if they were to evaluate many of the NFL’s hottest stars, there are bound to be many that would have some disturbing things come out.

I have no sympathy for Ben; I look forward to him getting what he deserves. I applaud Goodell’s efforts to clean up the NFL, but depending on how in-depth these tests go they may have bitten off more than they want to chew.

Beer: Monkey Boy from the East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, PA- when talking about a guy who seems to have trouble controlling himself when he’s partying this beer seemed appropriate in more ways than one: it is relatively low in alcohol (4.8% ABV) and the name describes Big Ben rather well. This hefeweizen has a distinct banana sense about it, largely due to the strain of German yeast used in brewing. Crisp and easy to drink this is a beer that anyone can easily like, and if you manage to drink too much you’ll be running to the bathroom too often to get in trouble.

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