Muchas Gracias Los Suns

I have to say many thanks to the Phoenix Suns for the way they are intending on making a statement Wednesday night. What they are doing is proof positive that you do not need to d something outlandish, dangerous, stupid, illegal, or even expensive in order to get your voice heard.

Too often I think that people/activists think they have to do something extreme in order to have their voice heard. So they demonstrate, give speeches, riot, and do a few hundred thousand in damages to the local community.

Later on that night the ones that are not in jail sit back with pride as the news covers the events of the day, from the speeches to the rioting they think they did something right. Little do these morons realize, however, is that no one remembers their message- just that their criminals.

The new immigration laws in Arizona have gotten a lot of attention in the press with many people exhibiting a lot of strong emotions about what they think the law actually accomplishes. To demonstrate their feelings towards the law, the Phoenix Suns unanimously voted to wear “Los Suns” jerseys for their Game 2 playoff match against the San Antonio Spurs on Cinco de Mayo.

I have no intention of speaking for or against the law; that would be for another forum. What I do want to do is applaud the Suns use of their celebrity and the exposure their playoff game will give them to make their statement.

It would have been easy to make some big, stirring speeches after the game in front of their lockers, but in all honesty, who would have listened? Maybe a handful of people who were standing around the locker, but that is it. No one would have aired the comments; at that point they just want to hear about the game.

Tuesday night, with a nationwide audience watching, you can just about guarantee that the announcers and every analysts that has something to say and a microphone to speak into will have comments in regards to the Suns jerseys.

Way to get your message heard Phoenix.

Buen trabajo Los Suns. Buen trabajo.

Beer: Armadillo Red Ale from the Sun Up Brewery in Phoenix, Arizona- you will not want to chug this beer because it taste too good not to take your time and enjoy it. At 5.2% ABV it has a little kick to it, but you can still enjoy a few before getting tipsy. The unique blend of British malts and American Amarillo hops give it a flavor that you can enjoy time and time again.

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