Don’t Hate the Player, Hate Yourself

Public personas have a tendency to polarize the viewing public– people either love them or hate them, either way they make  a lot of money off of the exposure (even if they suck at what they do).

Fellow celebrities are people to and are allowed to have feelings about other celebrities. Unlike the majority of us however, there is usually someone listening to them and broadcasting his or her opinion to the rest of us. After all, who does not like a good piece of gossip?

Tim Tebow (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Ray Lewis was kind enough to open his trap in regards to the newest Golden Boy of the NFL, Tim Tebow:

“…you see all the people who were willing to help him.  I don’t know many

people who were willing to help other athletes like that…you see all these people who took out their personal time to really work with him and make this big issue, big issue, big issue.  I don’t know why he was any different than anyone else.  Every young child has that dream…  So I don’t know why he was bigger . . . than any of the other guys.” (PFT)

Ray really has no room to talk about players getting help.

When he needed to stay out of prison (and get out in time to play the following season) he had all kinds of help.

In my opinion, a lot of players and people are Tebow bashing because they see someone better than themselves. In the young quarterback you have a person with a proven track record of success, not just as a winner, but as a champion.

You can try to say he was apart of a greater system, but what championship caliber team is  not a great organization?

Not only is he a great player and leader, but he is a good person that cares more about doing something positive with his celebrity rather than just taking advantage of it to make his life easier. Too many guys are more concerned with living the life and making it a bigger, better party.

They act as if they have a sense of entitlement because they are football players; that the world should bow to them because they make a lot of tackles or can run really fast with a ball.

Tebow is not like that. He wants to do something good with his notoriety. Since he does not want to take advantage of the people who help make him a millionaire they have to

hate on him. It would be either that or they might be faced with the stark reality of who they are.


Beer: Collaboration not Litigation Ale from the good people at the Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado– Collaboration in lieu of litigation is something that has probably saved a few football players from themselves over the years. The beer came about due to the cooperation of two breweries, Avery Brewing and Russian River Brewing.

Together these guys created one heck of  a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. By combining the Salvation beer that both companies had, they created a new, delicious beer to delight beer drinkers. This is not one you will drink quickly, but one you want to take the time to enjoy. Have too many of these beers at 8.7% ABV, however, and you may need some litigation– so drink responsibly!

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