If Offensive Linemen Ran the World…

There is a popular rugby t-shirt that has a saying on it that goes something like this:

“God invented beer to keep forwards from ruling the world.”

For those of you not familiar with the wonderful world of rugby, forwards are a lot like offensive linemen in football; big, lumbering, under appreciated guys that do a thankless job that everyone appreciates but is quick to criticize.

One former offensive lineman has decided that it is his time to take command and has decided to run for office (if Steve Largent can do it…). John Runyan, former Philadelphia Eagle, after a career of laboring in the trenches of the NFL has decided to take on a whole new animal—politics.

I love this and almost wish I lived in his district just so I could vote for him. Too many politicians are sly, under-handed, two-faced individuals that will say one thing and do another. They get elected because no one pays attention to politics; luckily our system is set up to handle the bad as well as the good.

Imagine if we actually had good, honest, hard-working people in political office? Imagine that they were people who you could trust to put in a hard day’s work; that they were people who were more concerned with doing their job right rather than making themselves look good. Imagine that they were people who cared about something more than themselves.

That is an offensive lineman. They are the unsung heroes and most common scapegoats. Without them giving the quarterback time or opening the holes for the running backs the team would get nowhere. When they do their jobs we here about the guy that ran through the hole, not the man who created it. Do they cry? No! They just line back up and do it again.

John Runyan, like every other man, is not perfect and he admits that freely. There have been a number of stories that broke without his blessing concerning a DUI in college, shady tax breaks, late tax payments, etc. Unlike many politicians he admits his wrongdoing and does not offer any excuses except that he is man and man is fallible.

Runyan faces Justin Murphy for the Republican nod; the winner between the two will face the incumbent of New Jersey’s 3rd district, Democrat John Adler.

Good luck John; we’ll be rooting for you.

Beer: Ramstein Blonde from the High Point Brewing Company in Butler, New Jersey- as far as beers go in New Jersey, these guys make some of the best. Take Ramstein Blonde for instance—the scent of cloves and apples along with a malt presence tease your sense of smell. Wheat and barley combined with German Tettnanger hops give this beer a taste that will make you want to vote. With such a smooth and refreshing taste it is easy to drink one right after another, especially when the weather warms up; at 5.5 % ABV it will not kick your behind too quick, but the alcohol could sneak up on you if you are not careful.

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