Professional Rugby Player to Toughen up the NFL

Whenever people ask me about rugby, I try to figure out a quick way to give them a good idea of what the game is without a long, drawn out explanation. Just about everyone gets the picture pretty quick when I tell them it is a cross between soccer and football with the consistent play of soccer, but the intensity and contact (without pads) like football.

As a high school rugby coach I have tried to recruit football player by telling them that no matter what they play they will have a shot at running the ball (the offensive linemen love that), but when it  comes time for football season they will be in such great shape that football will be a breeze.

Anyone that has ever played both games will vouch for how true that is. It would make sense that coaches would want more guys to play rugby so that they will be better football players.

Or maybe the NFL should look to some of the professional rugby clubs overseas for new players.

There is at least one rugby player that is getting some interest from NFL teams (the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, and two other teams).

That guy would be Greg Inglis of the Melbourne Storm.

Greg Inglis as he may look in NFL gear. **Digitally altered artwork by Rebel Challenger (The Sunday Mail (Qld))

Inglis was awarded the “Golden Boot,” designating him as the best rugby player in the world last year. If he does tryout, the 23-year-old, 238 pound athlete would likely be looked at as a possible linebacker or kick returner.

Of course Inglis would get paid the league minimum for a rookie which is currently $325,000; he made $500,000 playing rugby last year. However, his rugby team is currently under investigation for a possible salary cap breach—of the $1.7 million cap.

If Inglis were to catch on in the NFL he would likely be making more than his entire old rugby team within a couple of years.

Good luck Inglis; the NFL could use a few more true tough guys.

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