(Probable) NBA Finals Preview

After just two games in the East and two in the West, I feel pretty comfortable saying that the Finals will be between the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the old guys in the East, the Boston Celtics.

Let’s be honest folks, the Suns just do not have enough fire power to outscore the Lakers nor do they have the defensive ability to shut down all their weapons. I would not have thought that the aging Celtics would have been able to hang with the Orlando Magic, but after two strong wins I am a believer.

The question now is whether or not the Celtics will be able to maintain the defensive effort that has already gotten them two wins against a talented but young Magic team against a team as talented and seasoned as the Lakers.

If you have read my column in the best when it comes to the big games then you know I have a particular method to my madness when it comes to picking the winners. I don’t analyze stats. I don’t try to compare talent or records. I talk beer.

Representing the Los Angeles Lakers in the West will be Libertine Ambier Wit from the good people at the Eagle Rock Brewery in—where else, Los Angeles. Coming out of the East for the Boston Celtics will be Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA from the good people at the Harpoon Brewery in (do I really need to say it?) Boston.

Like any good series this one is going to start out with a bang. The Lakers will likely be favored, and since their beer, Libertine Ambier Wit, has a fairly strong alcohol content (8.6% ABV) they will make a heck of a showing. However, they know how to hoop and brew beer in Boston pretty well too. Game One goes to the beer with more kick, Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA (10% ABV).

With such storied rivalry as the Lakers and Celtics, you know that the Lakers are going to come roaring back after losing Game One. Libertine has a rather unique blend of ingredients with caramel malts, honey, and some assorted spices coming together to give the Ambier Wit an enticing scent, both fruity and sweet. Boston counters with a nice combination of hops and other things to give it a piney, fruity scent, but in this case Libertine’s use of honey and spices really make a difference and take Games Two and Three for the Lakers.

Not one to take defeat lying down, the Celtics make a comeback of their own in the next two games. Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA is a hop heavy beer that uses a wide array of hops including Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo to create a beer with such a complex taste yet clean finish. All the hops give the Celtics, well- hops, and they cruise past the Lakers in Games Four and Five to take a 3 games to 2 advantage.

No good rivalry ever ends easy. The Celtics look to finish the series off in Game Six, but are unable to due to the well-balanced flavor that goes down as easy as a Kobe Bryant jump shot. Kobe, like Libertine Ambier Wit, rock in Game Six, and winning with a clutch shot as time expires to send the series to a pivotal Game Seven.

For much of the game the score goes back and forth, neither team willing to concede defeat to the other. In the end, it is the special care that the people at the Harpoon Brewery take into fermenting Leviathan Imperial IPA with their own yeast and the dry hop process that gives the beer its healthy aroma that wins the day for the Celtics.

So there you have it folks. Look for the Celtics to make an improbable run at the title by winning it in Game Seven.

My method is far from scientific or even logical, but the process sure is fun!

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