The Churchill Cup is back!

Yes, rugby fans it is time once again for the Churchill Cup to take the U.S. by storm. This year will see some traditional teams involved like the U.S., Canada, and the England Saxons and some new blood in France A, Russia, and Uruguay. Last year’s champion Ireland A will not be participating along with two more of last year’s teams (Georgia and Argentina).

Another change to this year’s tournament is in the venue. For the second year in a row the tournament will be held entirely within the United States. All games were played in Colorado at Glendale’s Infinity Park and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO. This year games will be played at Infinity Park once again, but the last day of competition will be held at Red Bull Arena, home of MLS franchise the New York Red Bull.

The game schedule is set to be played as follows:

  • Sat, June 5th 1PM          Uruguay vs. Canada
  • Sat, June 5th 3:30PM     Russia vs. USA
  • Wed, June 9th 3PM          Russia vs. Saxons
  • Wed, June 9th 5:30PM     Uruguay vs. France
  • Sun, June 13th 1PM          Saxons vs. USA
  • Sun, June 13th 3:30PM     France vs. Canada

Once these games are concluded at Infinity Park the seedings for the Finals will be decided. Those games will be held at Red Bull Arena on Saturday, June 19th. Kickoffs are scheduled for 12PM. 2:45PM, and 5:30PM.

Rugby fans that are unable to attend any of the action this weekend can catch some great rugby on television this weekend. Before you say,” but I don’t have that channel,” or, “on what channel, ESPN12?” it will be on NBC! By it I am referring to the Collegiate Sevens Championship. If you can’t watch some of the premier teams in the world play live, watching some of the best and brightest that the U.S. has to offer sounds like a pretty good second to me!

Beer: Old Leghumper by the good people at the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron, OH- this beer is only appropriate since most ruggers will turn into one after a few post-game beers. Considered a porter, Old Leghumper is dark brown in color and abut as full-bodied as they come. Two different malts help give it a sweet, malty taste that refreshing and smooth going down. At 6.7%ABV you can drink a few before all the legs at the bar start looking good.

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