Could Tom Brady be looking for a new Home Soon?

The possibility of seeing the former 6th round draft pick in a uniform other than the New England Patriots anytime soon could actually become reality.

Tom Brady will be going into the last year of his contract in 2010. Normally, one would expect to be hearing about discussions of a contract extension, but in this case they have not really gotten going.

Reports have surfaced about the lack of communication between Tom Brady and his agents and the Patriot front office. As time goes on and talks do not commence, the more a sense of discomfort is built between the two.

Brady has refused to discuss the subject, claiming that he is uncomfortable doing so. Patriot owner Robert Kraft has said that he is confident that a deal will get done.

“We’re very lucky to have him as our quarterback and we want him to be our quarterback for a long time into the future.” (Yahoo)

However, when you take some of Kraft’s other comments under consideration it becomes harder to read what the Patriots may be planning on doing.

“Great things happen in life if you’re flexible and not rigid. … We’re balancing a lot of different factors in an unknown environment. We’re not sleeping. It’s just complicated.” (Yahoo)


Brady likely can’t help but notice how the closest thing he has to a peer, Peyton Manning, has been treated by his team’s ownership. Colt’s owner Jim Irsay has already stated that Manning’s extension will be the most lucrative contract ever. At least when Peyton’s boss talks it is easy to figure out what he means.

“…It’ll be the biggest [contract] in history; there’s not much doubt about that.” (Yahoo)

How you like them apples, Tom?

If Brady to play this year without a contract extension would mean that the 33 year old quarterback will be risking everything on not getting hurt again. However, were he to end the season healthy and still without a contract extension, he stands to have some of the most lucrative contracts offered to him.

Beer: Beer of the Gods from the good people at the High & Mighty Beer Company in Holyoke, MA- the name kind of fits with what the Patriots and Mr. Brady think of themselves making it the perfect beer to review for this post.

Like Brady and the Patriots, there is not a lot of a punch in this beer (4.5% ABV). In fact, these guys are priding themselves by creating a beer that lets you drink through the night, not look like a fool or forget where you parked your car, make the gym the next morning, and all without even the remote feelings of a lingering headache. What kind of beer is this?

In its defense, it is quite a refreshing beer. The German Pilsner and wheat malts combine with the Perle, Tettnang, and Hersbrucker hops to make a well-balanced beer that will taste good going down every time. Since you’ll be sober enough to remember all of them that’s a good thing.

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