Churchill Cup Update

The Scores:

June 13, 2010- Saxons     32       USA     9

June 13, 2010- Canada     33      France     27

June 9, 2010- Saxons     49          Russia         17

June 9, 2010- France      43          Uruguay     10

The action continued in Colorado in the last week as there were matches last Wednesday the 9th and on Sunday the 13th.

The two matches on the 9th went essentially as expected. The Saxons simply dominated the Russian squad 49-17. In such an effort it is difficult to figure out what single player contributed the most so the man of the match went to the top scorer, Stephen Myler; he scored one try and made all seven conversion kicks for the Saxons.

Uruguay was just as over matched as the team from France had little trouble with them winning 43-10. However, the French coach, Fabien Pelous was not real happy with the effort making note of numerous penalties and mistakes that the team will need to correct in order to defeat Canada.

Pelous knew the Canadian team would be tough and he got everything he expected and more on Sunday. In easily the most exciting game of the Cup to date, the game came down to the last ten minutes of the match. After numerous lead changes, the Canadians took the lead off of a try late in the second half. They were able to hold off a late surge by the French fueled by penalties to pull off the win, 33-27.

The Eagles of the U.S. squad definitely had the intensity needed to win the match against England (Saxons); too bad it often resulted in a number of penalties that the Saxons were more than happy to capitalize on.

Penalties set up the Saxons for two early penalty kicks to give them a 6-0 lead. Half way into the game and the Saxons were already up 18-3 on the Eagles. Undaunted by the score, the U.S. squad fought hard over the remainder of the half, holding the Saxons out of the try zone and making another penalty kick to cut the score to 18-6 at the half.

In the end it would be two more mistakes that would lead directly to two tries and 14 points for the Saxons in the second half. Volney Rouse would make another penalty kick to give the U.S. 9. In the end the Saxons would win 32-9.

The Finals will take place at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey on June 19th. The Saxons will plat Canada for the championship; the U.S. will face off against the French team.

Beer: Untouchable Pale Ale from the good people at Speakeasy Ales and Lagers in San Francisco, CA- in honor of the only Eagle to score in the match against the Saxons, Volney Rouse, whose club team is the Super League champion San Francisco Golden Gate.

If Rouse was Untouchable the U.S. would have scored a few tries, but at least his foot was when it came to penalty kicks. Untouchable Pale Ale is a good blend of hops and malt to create a beer with a well balanced taste and a clean, crisp finish. Refreshing and not too strong (5.4% ABV), Untouchable is a beer that you can easily enjoy while watching a whole match without getting tired of it.

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