Congratulations Lakers

In case some of you forgot with all the excitement around the FIFA World Cup, there was a championship being decided in a sport that Americans actually watch every year (not just every four).

Basketball fans were not treated to the best of games last night, but the best of seven series between the two storied rivals was one for the ages nonetheless.

In case you were too busy watching Mexico upset France or Argentina destroy Korea (before you World Cup fans skewer me for getting the times wrong on these matches, no I don’t know when they played on Thursday but that is not the point) Game 7 of the NBA Finals was also played Thursday night. In the end it was the Lakers that were celebrating as they defeated the Celtics 83-79.

Now that the game is over the real interesting stuff begins.

Rumors have surrounded the Lakers the entire series, ones you would have thought they would have kept quiet since they would only serve to distract while the team was trying to win a championship. Apparently Jerry West does not like winning. How else can you explain why he would cut the salary of one of the most successful coaches of all time?

I’m no Laker fan (go Rockets!!!) so if the Lakers do not bring him back I will be one of the many glad to see them fall from grace. The way the team played through the series proved the need for the guru to stay in LA. With the exception of Kobe, the rest of the cast was rather sporadic. Artest, Gasol, and the rest of Kobe’s backup dancers did play well at times, but at other times they were non-existent.

Bryant is now one ring away from Michael Jordan. (Getty Images)

Before someone comments back with something witty about how that is proof that Phil Jackson is overpaid, I think it is because the guys knew that they were likely to be without their fearless leader any day now.

Coaches do mean a lot to a team. They set the pace, keep the team together, and provide the calm within the storm that is an NBA game. If I’m wrong then someone explain to me why Allen Iverson never won a championship?

Good luck Phil with whatever you do next (no, I don’t think he’ll return just to 3peat; his pride will not allow him to take a salary cut like West wants to give him). If you want my opinion, marry your girlfriend (Jerry West’s daughter), and then coach LeBron in Cleveland so you can kick the crap out of LA next year!

Beer:   Extra Special Ale by the good people at the Yards Brewing Company in Kobe Bryant’s hometown of Philadelphia, PA- Winning another NBA Finals MVP award is not just special, but extra special so in tribute to the LA baller, this beer review is for you Kobe!

Extra Special Ale is a tasty and refreshing way to celebrate life’s victories. At 6% ABV, you can do a good bit of celebrating before it gets out of hand too. When a beer has such a full bodied, well-balanced taste, that can be hard to do. This amber ale will make the malt lover happy (with the body of the beer), but will also please the hop lover (with the citrus-like, crisp finish). Extra Special Ale is a good beer when you want to prove to yourself or someone else that they are just that—extra special.

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