Year of the Underdog

It would be easy to write about the way the U.S. team got screwed against Slovenia (still don’t know where that country is). Then again, since every writer in this side of the hemisphere is writing something along those lines I figure I’ll be the exception to the rule.

However, as a sports loving American with an outlet it is my duty to acknowledge it- yes, we got screwed.


As a soccer fan in passing, my allegiance is to my country and my country alone; so when it comes to the rest of the FIFA World Cup tournament I like to see the underdogs do well. With plenty of soccer left to go in the first stage of competition, it appears as if there may be some underdogs looking to move on.

No one would have ever thought that Slovenia would lead in Group C at any point in competition yet two games in they are the only team in Group C with a victory. A win over Algeria paired with a tie against the U.S., the Slovenian team has a two point lead over both England and the U.S. (who have two draws at this point and no victories).

United States' Michael Bradley, right, celebrates with fellow team member Herculez Gomez, center, after scoring a goal during Friday's match at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Serbia has got to be my favorite though, mostly due to the story behind these guys. The last time they were in the World Cup they were the Serbia and Montenegro team. After kicking some serious behind in the qualifying round for the 2006 World Cup, it would not have been surprising to see these guys make some noise once competition began.

Instead, the team that only allowed one goal in ten matches had a horrid showing. To make the long, dreadful story short (and bearable) they finished dead last (32nd).

This time around they stand alone as the Serbian National Team. Not given much of a chance facing Germany, one of the top seeds in the tournament, and Ghana, widely considered to be the best team from the continent of Africa, the Serbians have done more than hold their own. A one point loss to Ghana and a one point victory over Germany has the Serbians sitting in a three team tie for first in Group D.

There have been some underdog draws and victories by teams that will likely not make the next round, but don’t be surprised to see these two squads move on.

Beer: Twist of Fate from the good people at the Moonlight Brewing Company in Fulton, CA- in honor of Maurice Edu, the guy that got cheated out of a goal against Slovenia, a beer from his home state of California was chosen for review.

Twist of Fate is an amber ale that has more than just an ironic name to it. Hops lovers will go for this beer. From the aroma to the flavor, this beer is all about the hops with just enough malt to give it a balanced feel to it. At 5.6 % ABV, it is not the strongest beer in the bar, but it has more kick than a soccer team on crutches.

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