Saxons win Churchill Cup

Results Are In!

For the Cup (1st) – Saxons     38 Canada     18

For the Plate (3rd) – France     24 USA     10

For the Bowl (5th) – Russia     38 Uruguay     19

The final day of competition for the 2010 Churchill Cup was spirited, bit for the most part, it was clear early who was going to win in all three matches.

Playing in Red Bull Arena, the home of the New York Red Bull of Major League Soccer in New Jersey the Saxons did not have a hard time defeating the Canadians in the Cup match between the two squads. They jumped out to a 17-0 lead before the Canadians battled back to be down 20-13 before half. When it was all said and down, the Saxons were determined not to lose in the Finals like they did to Ireland A last year. With player of the tournament Nick Abendanon leading the way, England easily won 38-18.

With the win the Saxons won their fifth Cup (out of the eight that have been played) and third in the last four years.

The most competitive match of the day came between the Eagles of the U.S. and France A. While the score would make it seem as if the French were easily in control of this one, but that could not be further from the truth.

France got out to a 7-0 lead about ten minutes into the match. After some intense back and forth competition, the U.S. was able to get on the board with about ten minutes left in the first half. France seemed to come alive then, attacking with a vengeance. The Eagles valiantly tried to counter attack after attack by the French, but the French eventually got another try (and conversion) before the end of the half to lead 14-7.

The competition would pick up where it left off in the second half with both teams battling for possession and field position. About 13 minutes in the U.S. was finally in position to take advantage of a penalty by France to close the gap to 4; France opened the gap back up to 7 just a few short minutes later though. In the end, France would seal the victory with a late try and conversion to broaden the lead to 24-10.

One of the great things about rugby tournaments like this is just because you didn’t win during competition does not mean you will not play on the final day. Neither Russia nor Uruguay had defeated anyone going into their match on Saturday in New Jersey. Uruguay had the first chance to score (which they failed to convert), but it was the Bears from Russia that dominated play. Russia would get out to a 26-5 lead at the half. Uruguay would outscore Russia 14-12 in the second half, but it was not nearly enough to comeback from the hole they had fallen in during the first half. Russia wins 38-19.

Beer: Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale from the good people at the Cricket Hill Brewery in Fairfield, New Jersey- With rugby players and fans being the semi-crazy folks that they are it would not be surprising to see them having a few cold beers with breakfast (especially since they still might be up from the night before). What better beer to drink than a breakfast beer?

Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale is a refreshing beer that is full of flavor and personality, just as fit for breakfast as it is a barbeque. A little fruity and tangy, it’s the rugger’s Hermosa. Breakfast Ale is easy to drink and perfect on a hot day (or morning) to cool you down. I’m not sure how strong this beer is, but I can tell you that 3-4 will not put you on your behind.

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