This Soccer Game is Alright

Last weekend at the tender age of 36 I was able to be deflowered; yes, folks, I was a virgin (sort of).

Now before your minds all start to wonder to places I can’t talk about in this blog let me clarify the situation—I was a World Cup virgin. I had never sat down and watched an entire World Cup match prior to the USA/Ghana match.

I must say that I completely enjoyed the game, and would have had I not watched it with a bunch of friends and pitcher after pitcher of cold beer. By the end of the game I felt as if I was tired just from watching these guys run across that field so much!

Sadly, the game did not end in our favor that day, and so like most fair weather soccer fans in the United States my interests returned to the Boys of Summer, mini-camp, and really fast cars (all of which happen to go great with ice cold beer; coincidence?!?).

As I sit through my fourth hour of the NFL Network live (in reruns) from somewhere talking about someone who will never make a roster my mind wanders back to South Africa. I guess over the last few weeks of following updates, reading articles, writing a few, and watching bits and pieces of games, I became a little invested in what went on over in South Africa.

So I clicked off of the suit talking about what 8-8 team is going to compete and which football player got busted for a DUI today to see how the World Cup was progressing.

Wow! Did I miss a lot! I was glad to see that England had gotten its behind kicked; from the interviews and articles I had read those guys seemed a little too smug to me. I was a little surprised to see Lionel Messi and his Argentina teammates get handled so easily by Germany. Yes, I know that Germany is one of the best teams in the world, but Argentina was no slouch either.

Since Ghana ousted the U.S. I was quite glad to see Uruguay dispose of them. The Brazil/ Netherlands match had to be something to behold. Having been the most successful team in World Cup history and one of the favored teams in the tournament getting upset by the Netherlands 2:1 had to hurt. From what I found to read it seemed as if Uruguay gave the Netherlands a good fight, but were simply out matched against the fourth best team in the world.

With the Netherlands in the Finals all that remains is for the Spain/ Germany match to be decided.

I don’t know if I would agree with the ‘beautiful game’ nickname for the game (although I would if it refers to the wives and girlfriends), but I can say that I will not wait four years before I watch my next World Cup game.

Beer: Newcastle Summer Ale from the good people at Scottish & Newcastle UK Ltd in Scotland- I love summer beers. To me they are so much more refreshing, crisper, better tasting—I’m getting thirsty just typing this out!

Recently I got to enjoy my first Newcastle Summer Ale. The taste was a little more bitter than many summer ales (the nature of Newcastle), but it was as refreshing, crisp, and easy to drink as most summer brews. I am not sure how strong it was, but I had about six and still knew what my name was.

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