Confident Cowboys a Plenty

At first he may be afraid; he may be petrified (sing it Gloria Gaynor fans).

Unrecognized is one thing that Jimmy Johnson will not be when he appears as a contestant on the 21st season of Survivor. Confident (and careful) he’ll have to be to make it past the first tribal council.

Johnson rose to fame back in the 1990s as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys after taking over for the only coach the Cowboys had ever had, Tom Landry. He would go on to revitalize the floundering franchise winning two Super Bowls before parting ways with the team.

Many of his former players have found time to get involved in popular television shows once their playing days were over. Two of Johnson’s ‘triplets’ have been on Dancing with the Stars (Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith); Smith even won the show when he was on in 2006.

Johnson will be the second former Cowboy to be on the popular reality television series. Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Gary Hogeboom appeared on Survivor: Guatemala in 2005.

He’s a little nuts for pitching  a male enhancement product. I do have to give the old man credit for putting himself out there—way out there— on Survivor. I got to give some love to the most cocky, confident kicker on earth. I’m talking about a kicker, Dave Buehler.

Buehler is a rarity among kickers in that he is one bad man, in better shape than most athletes on the field. To prove that he challenged cornerback DeAngelo Smith to a foot race and won. He went onto to say that he thinks he could be wide receiver Patrick Crayton or may be even Tashard Choice.

This guy even thinks he is as strong as some of the team’s biggest. In a recent report he said that he and defensive end Igor Olshansky were working out; Igor bench pressed 225 pounds 22 times and just to be a pest he did 23.

Dallas has not had much luck with kickers recently. Nick Folk couldn’t get it done and was cut in 2009; signing Shaun Suisham was a surprise after that. His not getting signed at the end of the season was not.

Bueheler was the team’s kick off specialist; he has not yet tried to kick a field goal in a regular season game. At 6’2” and 227 pounds this guy is no small man and he knows it. He’s big; he’s bad’ and he knows it.

With the confidence that this guy has, Dallas would not have to worry about this guy getting rattled. So far he is the Cowboys only kicker on the roster. At least they know this guy will not get rattled! Just a thought…

Beer: Dave from the good people at the Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland,OR- in honor of strongman kicker Dave Buehler I bring you Dave, an English barleywine with one heck of a kick—29%ABV.

Sadly, you may have a hard time finding this one since they only made one batch and that was some time ago. To create a brew with such strength they basically just took 300 gallons of Adam, another of their stellar beers, and froze it three different times till there was just 100 gallons left. If you are able to find it be ready to pay a pretty penny for it, but then be pleasantly surprised by the taste. With such a strong kick to it there is an unmistakable alcohol scent and taste to go with a sweet taste that will remind you of brown sugar or chocolate. Drink this on a cold night and it will definitely warm you up!

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