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This Round is on LeBron

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers have every reason to be upset. After buying into the future of the franchise with LeBron James at the lead they have had the rug pulled out from underneath them.

Numerous stories have floated around about the outrage that the citizens of Cleveland have felt. Owner Dan Gilbert has made it clear that he could really care less whether or not James gets caught in a riptide frolicking in the surf down in Miami.

Years from now many of them will realize that was just a business decision. Gilbert knows how much money he would have continued to make with arguably the best player in the NBA on his team. LeBron will do just fine in Miami financially especially after the Heat win the NBA Finals next year (anyone that says they are not the favorite to do so is crazy).

There are some fans that have gotten beyond the outrage and disappointment of James leaving town and have figured out how to make a little money off of his departure—they have made beer.

The good people at the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio, have re-released a bitter beer after being inspired by LeBron James and recent events. On Wednesday they brewed 30 gallons of what they called ‘Quitness Ale’; they sold out of it in three hours at their local brewpub.

According to the folks at the brewery, Quitness Ale has a bitter aftertaste to it, much like what the former fans of James now have in their proverbial mouths. Fans that want to drink it will have another chance on Saturday at the downtown Cleveland brewpub; much like the release on Wednesday it will probably go pretty fast.

I have talked about beers from this company in the past, and have enjoyed a few of their beers. These people have to be commended for what they are doing now. So far there has been noting but negativity in the media concerning the recent exodus of James from Cleveland. We get it; the team’s future has just gone down the drain and you are mad. It’s understandable.

But there is nothing anyone can do so why continue to gripe and complain? It’s done; it’s over with. It is time to move on. Boo the heck out of the guy whenever he happens to play in Cleveland and make him feel the ‘love.’

If you really want to relive the disappointment in the departure of LeBron you might as well do it in a fashion that is quite enjoyable; go down to the Great Lakes Brewing Company and enjoy a few pints. If you can’t get there, just buy a 30 pack of the High Life, drink it, and start tweeting James like crazy! It’s the next best thing to crank calling!

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