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Albert Haynesworth, the NFL’s Biggest Loser

The $100 million man in Washington has made his displeasure pretty well known concerning the team’s switching from a 4-3 style of defense to a 3-4. In it, Haynesworth is expected to take on the nose tackle position.

Nose tackles are generally very large, somewhat athletic men that are able to force teams to use multiple blockers to take care of him. As a consequence, the linebackers make all the tackles while the nose tackle does the hard work.

Haynesworth has not been too fond of this idea and has been trying to get the team to trade him, something they will not do. Since the team will not acquiesce to his demands he has decided to do the next best thing and make himself a less attractive option by getting in better shape.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

He’s losing weight. We’re not talking Biggest Loser weight, but a pretty decent chunk.

According to reports, Haynesworth is down to 330 from his previous high of 362 in April. The weight loss will not help him play the nose technique in a 3-4, but would be great if the team was still planning on playing a 4-3.

Haynesworth was one of the best in the league before coming over to the Redskins. However you look at it, he was disappointing in 2009. When you get paid what he did you should be able to produce a bit more than 37 tackles and four sacks.

It would be pretty funny, but what if the whole change to a 3-4 was just a ruse? What if Mike Shanahan looked at some tape after coming to the Washington Redskins and decided that ole’ Albert was not giving his all on the field because he was not physically capable? What if they thought the man had gotten too fat?

To spite the team, Haynesworth started working out. A small guy will not work at the nose position in a 3-4. While he is anything but small yet, the 32 pounds of weight he has lost is likely just the beginning.

Let’s say he drops down to 300 without losing any of his strength. He would be even quicker than before and even more deadly at his traditional tackle position. If the team were to switch it would look like they were bending to his demands, but in the end it would be the team that would benefit from an in-shape Haynesworth rushing the quarterback and stopping the run.

It would be crafty. It would be underhanded. It would also be pretty darn cool.

Beer: ALTerior Motive from the good people at the COAST Brewing Company in Charleston, SC- this beer was chosen in honor of those sly rascals in Washington and their ‘ulterior motive’ in switching to the 3-4.

What is impressive about these guys us that they make a good beer with relatively healthy, organic ingredients (as much as possible) and even run the brewery on waste feedstock biodiesel. The really impressive part is that these guys do not try to use that as a marketing ploy by getting certified as organic; they do it because they think it is the right thing to do.

It helps that their beer is pretty good too. A combination of Munich, Ashburne, and Pilsner malts along with German Perle and Herbrucker hops combine to create a beer that is smooth and easy to drink. Cold conditioned to give a clean, crisp taste; the 6.3%ABV will make you forget about your own diet plans if you drink enough of them.

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