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There is Such a Thing as Too Much Money

In 2008 Ben Roethlisberger made $27.7 million for one season’s worth of work. Phillip Rivers was the top man in 2009 with $25.56 million; three players made more than $20 million and 21 made more than $13 million. The San Francisco 49ers averaged over a $1 million per player.

With all this money being made the NFL is still staring a lock out in the face for the 2011 season over money.

The money to be made in the NFL is crazy, yet these guys are so incredibly greedy that they have to have more. Is it not enough that with one season and a little bit of intelligence (meaning don’t blow your paycheck) and you never have to work again?

Oh yeah, you have to pay your agents this, and your lawyers that, and your personal travelling masseuse…Guys, you spend what you spend. If you don’t want to run out of money then don’t spend it; get your girlfriends to give you a back rub (like the rest of us).

Players use to make pennies to play the game. Jay Berwanger, the first Heisman winner in history and first player drafted by an NFL team asked for $25,000 over two years and was turned down (and never played football). In 1980, the highest paid player was Chicago Bear running back Walter Payton; he made about a $500,000. Many players even in the 1980s still had to work jobs in the offseason in order to make ends meet.

Guys use to pay for the love of the game. There was something about still being able to go out every day and play a game (and actually get paid something for it) that appealed to people. The fans loved it as well because these guys were actually just like us. Playing the game is about still being young; it’s about simpler times when all that mattered was putting the pads on and playing with your friends.

This offseason, Logan Mankins has turned down a contract that would make him $7 million a season over the next five years. Vincent Jackson is refusing to get paid over $3 million when he got just over $600,000 in 2009. Terrell Owens is insisting on getting paid $5 million a season (and is still without a job).

These guys need to listen to Iron Mike Ditka who recently warned about getting too greedy:

“I hear that [lockout] talk and I just can’t believe anybody is that stupid…If the owners or the players are that stupid that they are going to shoot this golden goose … I mean it’s laying golden eggs. It’s a multibillion dollar business. It’s the most popular sport in this country, don’t kill it.” (ESPN)

In the meantime I think I may try to watch more Arena Football and the UFL when it starts. Neither one of those leagues pay their players fortunes; the AFL averaged from $50,000-250,000 while the UFL pays most its players around $25,000. These guys are doing alright, but not making fortunes. They still know what it’s like to have to fight to get by.

Grow up guys; it’s not all about the money.

Beer: Simple Times Lager from the good people at Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin- in the interest of enjoying the simpler life without paying a small fortune for it I have chosen this beer.

It’s not the best beer in the world, but it is pretty good; a six pack of it will only cost you around $4 at Trader Joe’s too. The flavor will not get you coming back for more, but this lager is light, easy to drink and refreshing after a hard day’s work; there is no real aftertaste and really just a mild flavor at all. At 6.2% ABV a couple will get you nice and relaxed without breaking the bank!

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Oh where oh where has T.O. gone; oh where oh where can he be?

In an off-season full of big names finding new homes all over the NFL there has been one player noticeably absent from the headlines. He is brash. He is athletic. He is talented. Few can take over a game quite like he can, and even fewer can polarize a fan base both for and against him quite like he can.

I’m talking about the one, the only—Terrell Owens.

Football player/TV personality Terrell Owens poses backstage during the Vh1 Upfront 2010 at Pier 59 Studios on April 20, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

T.O. was cut after one lackluster season in Buffalo. For most players it would have probably qualified as a pretty good year, but for him 55 catches for 829 yards and only 5 touchdowns is not that good. He has not had fewer catches since his rookie year (not counting the 2005 season when he only played 7 games); 1999 for yardage (again not counting the injury shortened 2005 year); and again the 1999 season for touchdowns.

He is getting up there in the years, but when you are known as being one of the most physically fit players in the NFL who almost fanatically takes care of his body, age is not an issue. So then why has T.O. not signed with a team yet?

Perhaps a better question should be why have some other players been signed and he has not. Donte’ Stallworth was fresh out of jail for killing someone while driving drunk and got picked up pretty quick. Pacman Jones has been out of the game for a year and got picked up. Matt Jones has not played in a year and is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Michael Vick was out of the game for nearly two years after being in the federal pen for dog fighting, and had little trouble finding a team.

So here you have a handful of guys that have obvious character issues, enough that their lawyer is probably on speed dial, and they are playing football next year. Terrell Owens has never been arrested. He does not show up in the tabloids for driving drunk, doing stupid stuff while partying, or beating his girlfriends.

Yet no one seems to want him. Even Donovan McNabb has said he would be willing to play with him again, but Shanahan said no.

Eldorado (that would be T.O.’s middle name) I think this is proof positive that your attitude has finally caught up with you. All the trash talking about you teammates, the media circus surrounding workouts in his drive way, all the ‘look at me’ behavior—people don’t like that. Teams have opted to go with convicted criminals on the team rather than you (and Stallworth is not that good even).

It might have taken awhile, but you are finally getting what is coming to you. You are finally getting booted from the game not because of injury or age, but simply because no one wants to play with you.

Beer: Gorillanaut Imperial IPA from the good people at Straight to Ale in Huntsville, AL —the hops reel you in and the malts get you to come back for more of this beer, A nice, citrus scent leads right into a flavorful beer with a good malt presence. Refreshing and easy to drink, you’ll need to be careful you don’t drink too many too fast since it does have 9% ABV.

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