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Timeout for T.O.

Anyone that has read any of my previous posts can tell that I love sports. I love the thrill of competition, the agony of defeat, and the celebrating that goes on when your team wins.

However, the one thing I hate is when the athletes start to act like they are bigger than the game and let their egos get out of control.

Like Terrell Owens.

Does anyone else find it interesting that this guy is going on various shows giving interviews talking about all the reports that teams say he is a disruptive force in the locker room and a cancer to the team., and then just saying they are all wrong?

By trying to plead his case (if that is what he is doing) he is just proving what everyone says about him. TO, man, you can’t argue with people when they say you are disruptive; by doing so you are being exactly what you say you are not! When most of the NFL seems to think you are bad for the team there must be a reason (other than the media misrepresenting you).

I love that this guy has not been signed by anyone yet, and I really hope that no one does; maybe it will show kids that eventually things will catch up with you. No one will want to play with you no matter how talented you are simply because, as a person, you suck. Maybe if T.O. would take some actual responsibility and appear sincere when doing so he might get signed. It worked for Randy Moss…

In the end, this guy probably does not care whether he plays or not this year (or ever again). Sadly, he’s enough of a personality that people will pay attention to whatever he does. VH1 is currently showing the second season of The T.O. Show. I can remember reading something during the summer about him getting into modeling. He’s made millions and he will continue to do so one way or another.

However, he will still be the guy that had to quit playing because no one liked him.

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